Monday, 13 March 2017

Happy Tally

Tally, our Labrador, is 12 this year and starting to slow up. She is getting more fussy about her walks and is most definitely bored of going on the same old loops from our house. If you are lucky, she will follow you out of the garden and down the road but she stops and sniffs at every opportunity and it takes half an hour to go 100 meters!
Sometimes she just sits down at the gate and looks at you as if to say,
 "I'd rather not if that's ok".

In desperation I got out a map of the local area and looked for some local footpaths that would be new and a bit more interesting. This morning we ventured over some fields..

walking Tally
down a slope..
walking Tally
past some boats..

walking Tally
and ended up by an estuary..

walking Tally
and hey presto....happy Tally.

walking Tally
In the process we are finding some lovely new walks and seeing parts of the countryside that we would never have explored like this without her.

My sewing is a bit thin on the ground at the moment, I cant seem to decide what next.
It's not really a problem as there is plenty to do in the garden. I have a plan for this little bunch of willow canes..

 WIP- willow sticks

and the evenings are busy working slowly on my Moorland blanket..
WIP- Moorland blanket
And I have a plan for this little fellow..
WIP- planning a yarnbomb
but will share more later!

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