Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Spring and sewing

Daffs are up but not out yet
Spring is springing here in Cornwall and we have had a few lovely days although it is damp and chilly today with no blue sky in sight so I am happily tucked up in my attic space and intending to have a whole day of undisturbed sewing...bliss!
Snowdrops are here
The daffs are up but not many of them out yet but the snow drops are a real picture.

Jolly Molly number ????
This is my latest Jolly Molly (or oven gloves to be boring) made from scraps as usual and my method described here. This time I have decided to try some proper heat resistant wadding for the filling instead of the usual bit of blanket to see if it makes any major difference...I will let you know!
Jolly Molly
The reverse was recycled shirt and jeans. I am really loving recycled denim at the moment and have spent far too long on Pinterest looking at things like this and this and this.
Cushion for J
And finally another cushion.
This one is off to another retiring colleague as a gift.
Cushion for J
Simple 4" squares, a blob or two of applique and embroidery and some hand quilting.
Happy sewing.

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