Monday, 30 March 2015

Using up the yarn stash.

I can't quite decide on the next big project at the moment after finishing my  Cosy Blanket so I have been using up some of the leftovers and generally fiddling about.

Firstly our neighbour's sign to keep the cows off, still had a piece of Christmas yarn bombing on it so was in desperate need of updating. Holly leaves in March is taking things a bit far. That said, I am amazed that the stuff had lasted all that time outside in the wind and rain. This time we went for the spring look, with cosy colours and a sprinkling of teeny tiny flowers
 (the pattern for these is over at Attic24 here).

I am not even sure if they have been spotted yet as the weather has been fairly grim since I put it up!
Next up was a cushion cover.
Mainly made from leftover yarn from the blanket,
but with the addition of some Plum as the shop was out of Grape (Stylecraft DK Special).  
I'll give you a sneaky preview but I am waiting for a sunny day to get some better pictures and do the colours justice..

Do you have some favourite leftover projects to use up your yarn?
I am wondering about fingerless gloves next or maybe a beanie hat.

Spring continues to spring down here in Cornwall with lovely sploshes of colour and shoots coming up all over the place..

great big clumps of primroses in the hedgerow..
this sparkly blue clump of chionodoxa forbesii (I had to look that up!!) by the veg bed..

and these beautiful hellebore flowers from the garden which are floating in a glass dish on the kitchen window sill catching any fleeting rays of sunshine here today.

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