Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spring Sunshine

Spring is definitely springing down here in Cornwall. The sunshine today is just beautiful and great for photos which is handy because I finished my Cosy Blanket last night!

I just love it. Thank you to Lucy for the pattern and colour choices which are what makes it.

I followed the pattern to the letter and the only change was a different colour choice in the border so that it goes well on our green sofa.

I used grape (top and bottom) and pale rose (sides) for round 1 of the border, Claret for round 2, Khaki for round 3, and finally Lime for round 4.

This has to be my favourite blanket and crochet experience so far. It is so snuggly to sit under and I am already feeling a bit lost without it and wondering if maybe a second would be too much!!
Maybe a different colour combination but that would be risky! Or maybe same colours and a different pattern, now there's a thought...
The light was so tempting this morning that after dropping the kids to school I felt the urge to ignore all the jobs that needed doing and head for the hills.
This is the cheese ring on Bodmin Moor which is where I found myself heading. It was so early that there was still  mist in the air and no one else in sight.

As the mist cleared the sky was clear blue...
Just one more Tor wouldn't hurt surely?!
Sharp Tor..

The views were fantastic and my companion was very happy.
This, by the way, is Tally. Aged 9 and the reason for the name of this blog.

I really must go and do some jobs now but they are no worse for the slight delay.
And tomorrow there is rain forecast and I have to go to work.
I hope that you were able to enjoy some sunshine too.

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