Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Brood of chickens

A Brood of chickens- wall hanging
I started this picture this time last year and it has been sitting around waiting to be backed and edged for many months.
I just couldn't decide how to do it.
I love the pieces of work by Sue Spargo which was where I got the inspiration for this really, but unfortunately her book isn't out over here yet and Ohio is a long way to go for a workshop!
So eventually I made a sandwich with some wadding and backed it all with cotton fabric before binding it with the orange spotted cotton.
The background is a dyed woolen blanket that I have had for years and the chickens are various scraps of blanket and felted jumpers.
Chicken detail
The embroidery is done using perle threads. 
Chicken detail
I am still pondering on whether it needs some background quilting on the black to give it more texture?
Meanwhile, when I went out to get a photo this evening, I saw these two sleepy bees on a sunflower..
Sunflower and two sleepy bees in the evening sun.

soaking up the last of the days sunshine.

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