Monday, 25 March 2013

Bad timing..

Not the time of year to be pruning.
I had to prune a magnolia today as some scaffolding is going up.
 It was covered in buds so I kept three bits and put them in a vase with some lilies I was given last week.
I doubt they will flower but the buds are lovely anyway and I don't feel like they have been wasted.

Magnolia Stellata twig which had to be pruned just before it flowered- bad timing- but looks quite nice in a vase with some lilies.

The light isn't great today here but most of my projects I'm working on at the moment aren't finished yet anyway.

Quilt nearly finished..

This quilt is nearly there.
As usual with my quilts it was started a while back now and has sat waiting patiently to be finished. I just have a few more bits of hand quilting to finish so it should be ready next week. 
WIP- not sure what it will be.
And this is a block been playing with this weekend but I am not sure where it is heading yet.
Will let you know.

Have a good week. 

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