Monday, 18 March 2013

A new table runner for an old box.

Table runner
I finally got around to some sewing again, maybe it was the sun coming out that did it.
We have an old wooden box that used to belong to my grandparents and it sits in the middle of the room, frequently getting things plonked on it. Despite a couple of smaller mats I put on there, the mug marks were starting to show so I decided it needed a runner.
Patchwork detail
I started by making this little piece of patchwork from my scrap box..
Table runner
then added some borders made from a recycled purple shirt.
Then I just went to  work,
 (inspired by these gorgeous beauties that I found recently on flickr by Robin Ferrier)
 on some quilting using my trusty walking foot.
I put off getting a walking foot for ages because of how expensive they are but am now totally converted and wonder how I ever managed without one.
 They allow quilting (without tacking of course!) without the fabric getting all wrinkled up. 
Table runner reverse
I like the back too with all it's patterns and lines.
Where it lives..a wooden box that belonged to my grandparents
And here it is where it lives on top of the box.

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