Saturday, 5 May 2012

A case for my sunglasses

I got some new sunglasses last week and decided it was time to use a few nellies.
I have made a number of glasses cases over the years but the one I keep coming back to is an old favourite that lives in my car door. It doesn't look as neat as some of the others but it works and doesn't mind being chucked around.
I decided to try another one along similar lines.
I cut three rectangles roughly twice the size of the finished case (plus a bit to spare!).
I used the elephant fabric and a scrap of linen, a layer of wadding, and an inner layer of a recycled fleece jumper.
The three layers were quilted together..

In progress

trimmed down and the top edge bound ..

 In progress

Then I folded it in half and sewed up the side and bottom (wrong sides together).

In progress

Sorry about the thumb but I tried to add it to the coleslaw earlier in the week!!
Finally I trimmed the seams and  bound the two unfinished edges with some scraps (cut into 1.5" strips sewn together).

In progress

I added a popper in the top.

Glasses case in the daisies

The helianthemum is out.

A corner and some helianthemums

Happy weekend.

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