Sunday, 27 May 2012


I hate alterations.
The laborious unpicking of seams that have already been finished off securely is one of my least favourite things, but this week my thrifty (some would say scottish!) genes took over.

First it was the blouse.
It was far better than the first attempt but nevertheless has remained in the wardrobe. Not helped by my daughter who said that it looked like a uniform (and she was right).
So after a little unpicking and a bit of bias binding I think it may be wearable.

Blouse back

Then there were the school trousers.
He wanted long shorts.
I found a pair of longs that were scuffed around the bottom (well that's most of them really) and chopped them off.

School trousers- from long to long shorts

Then I used the bit I'd chopped off to fashion a pocket..

Making the pocket

And ta da..

School shorts

And they must be OK since he has worn them all week.
While all this making was going on inside, outside in the fields around us they have been busy, cutting the grass and making haylage.

I love watching the process.

Rows of cut grass

Making Haylage

Grass is cut
And finally, a little lavender house with the end of the lavender from last year as the new lavender grows.

A swap for some ornamental grass.

Lavender house

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