Saturday, 25 February 2012

A basket of scraps and a worn out pair of trousers!

I showed you some blocks I started a while back, well here is the finished miniquilt.

Scrap buster and recycled trousers

It is made entirely from scraps from here

My basket of scraps

along with a worn out pair of linen trousers that I loved.
The back is recycled shirt.
And the daffodils are out in the garden.

I have also been busy making some jarmies for my daughter.

I found this old pattern that I made myself a pair of trousers from 16 years ago!

An old pattern used to make the pyjama bottoms

I bought some brushed cotton, one and a half metres per pair, and they came together in no time.
I added two hidden hearts in each pair 'cos I am an embarassing mum!!

Happy weekend.

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Drinda456 said...

These are really cool and comfy looking. Definitely Christmas prezzies for the girls next time!