Friday, 30 December 2011

A new book and a bit of time!

We had a great christmas and as we cleared away the temporary campbeds in the study I was able to get my boxes out and have a look at a new book that I got for christmas.

My new book!

I first saw this book last spring on a post over at Blue Elephant Stitches.
 I really loved her liberated baskets and have had the book on my wish list since then.

I love it.
Lots of ideas and a 'liberated' way of doing things that I just think is great.
I started with baskets..

First two baskets

With a background of shirts of course!

Also finished a little pencil case which is a present for a friend..

Pencil case

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Drinda456 said...

Here goes! Please hurry up with your baskets cos I want to see what it looks like!! Blooming awful weather. Am just going to get my apples out again.