Monday, 15 May 2017

Spring "Snow"

Two cushions on their way to my brother who requested them for his birthday,
 I like those sorts of requests!
The fish panels are quite a thick furnishing fabric and the borders are linen,
quilted with the bubbles onto some cotton wadding to give them some shape.

quilting detail

I have been doing a crochet cushion cover using the left over bits of Moorland yarn from my blanket.
It is good to have a slightly smaller project while I ponder on the next blanket.  

WIP cushion cover
The peace above is surrounded by the scattered wisteria petals which along with the cherry blossom are making a sort of "spring snow" all over the garden.
The smell from the wisteria has been gorgeous this year and it is really starting to cover the pergola we built about 8 years ago. With hindsight I should have put a Clematis Montana or something in to spread more quickly while we waited but never mind.

It has been worth the wait.

I was asked by a friend to come up with some fish ideas for a craft workshop type thing. They have to cover all abilities but not take too long. So far I have crochet fish, fish lavender bags, recycled jumper fish and lavender fish!
If anyone else has any ideas I would be grateful if you could let me know?!
I think pillows/cushions would take too long.
Also it has to be hand sewing not machine which limits it a bit.  

Fish ideas
 It is a wet and rainy day here but the bluebells in the wood are still full of colour if a little bowed under the weight of all the rain drops!!

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