Saturday, 14 January 2017


WIP- cushion
The weather has turned chilly here but no snow this far south so this weekend it's time to light the log burner and sit inside sewing and doing crochet. There have been a few sunny spells between the clouds to get some pictures of my making to share with you lot.
Above is the cushion started last week. The background is lots of scraps of linen and cotton cut into 3" squares and machined into rows. Next the leaves were stuck lightly with a spay on glue before zig zagging round each one to hold it in place. Finally I am adding some hand stitching to quilt the piece onto some cotton batting. Still a way to go and a deadline of this Friday as it is a present for my Aunty who is 80 this week!
As I mentioned last week, the inspiration came from here,
but I couldn't find the article so this is just my version.  
WIP moorland blanket
The moorland blanket is also growing but only slowly. I will get there and I am not in any rush but I am loving the pattern with it's gentle waves of colour.
Early daffs from the local roadside stall
Just had to show you these beauties! I love to see the bright yellow of the early daffs on the local roadside stalls. The garden is miles behind with only a few shoots here and there but these yellow jewels catching the sunlight on the window sill remind me of what will be here soon.

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