Saturday, 24 October 2015

Just Popping in...

to share an idea that has worked and could be of use to others! I don't know about you but I enjoy the displaying of things nearly as much as the making. It is the chance to play with colours and shapes and put together something that is pretty to look at.

I decided to focus some crafting on a local sale that is being held to raise money for the Air Ambulance and wanted a way of displaying the stuff that would be easy to assemble and create a display.

As luck would have it, we had some warped doors replaced a couple of weeks ago and the old ones were left for recycling the wood as kindling... that was until I had other ideas.

Having taken a door apart I got to work with an electric saw and screwdriver and some chalk white paint and ended up with this...

Christmas Tree display stand

I am no carpenter, and YES the angles aren't exact by any means but it is fairly sturdy and does the job don't you think? The ribbons are just tied into a hole at each end of the branches. The badges and scrunchies are then pinned to the ribbons so that they can easily be removed and (hopefully!) sold.

The lavender bags and pin cushions can be placed at the bottom of the tree like presents.

Just a couple of peg bags to find a hanging spot for but that should be relatively easy.

Mini peg bags

These are some mini peg bags which I will fill with some little pegs and string which can be used to display Christmas cards.

Large peg bags

And these are the larger ones for normal sized pegs and I made a tutorial for these a while ago which you can find here.

 The crochet flowers are basically the triple layered flower, as shown in the tutorial by Lucy at Attic 24, but I missed off the outer row of colour.

Pin cushions and lavender bags

The pincushions are little bits of log cabin backed with denim, and the lavender bags were made using scraps from my stash and this years lavender.

Bottom of the tree..

The flower brooches are fun to make and use up the smallest scraps that you can't bear to throw away and the tutorial for those is here.

Scrunchies are just tubes of fabric around a piece of elastic but they are kind to hair and get used a lot in this house, in fact they go walking as fast as they are made unless pinned to a tree like these!

Interested Lizzie..

I had a little bit of 'help' with the photography from Lizzie who we were looking after but she was very good and didn't pinch any flowers!!!!

Happy making.

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