Monday, 18 May 2015

Colour in the Garden

I love May.
The garden really starts coming to life and every day there is a new flower or shoot to see.

Anthemis cupaniana- sicilian chamomile

Anthemis Cupaniana (Sicilian chamomile) - known here as Carine's daisises. She gave me a sprig to root about 8 years ago and we now have 5 or 6 huge plants. They flower their socks off until summer time when they can be dead headed to leave the silver foliage.

Aquilegia- or Granny's Bonnet

Aquilegia or Granny's Bonnets are self seeded all over the place. I have tried growing some other varieties but they don't seem to do as well as the wild ones.


Chives. Again self seeded from one very small clump grown from seed and far too many really but I can't bring myself to dig them up because they look so pretty.


The wisteria has finally reached the top of our pergola after 7 years. My dream of sitting underneath shaded from the sun is still a way off but does now seem a possibility.


Osteospermum- an old favourite.


Valerian- planted on top of a wall to try and compete with the ivy and stingers. Doing well now that it has established.


Violas by the back door- planted last autumn and nearly given up on until we went away at Easter and they were tended by person with green fingers and lots of patience! (not me)

Centaurea montana Purpurea- or Mountain cornflower

And finally for the flowers (yet more purple!!) the Centaurea montana Purpurea - or Mountain Cornflower. It spreads like wildfire but I figure anything that competes with the weeds and looks this good has got to be ok.

WIP- cosy blanket number two

Cosy Stripe Blanket number two is coming on but more slowly due to the lure of the garden.

WIP- some more badges in the making

And this is another WIP - scraps bonded to some double sided sticky stuff ready to make a few more badges.

Tally is snoozing again in her favourite place

Tally is outside in her favourite spot again taking it easy!

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