Saturday, 18 April 2015

Car Crochet

Crochet is brilliant for those times that you have to sit and wait in the car, on the beach, on the side of a pitch, in A and E, anywhere really.
Last week I had lots of waiting to do and decided to make some flowers.
 The triple layer pink edged one is a pattern from Attic 24 and the others were from the
free crochet flowers patterns at Mollie Makes.

I did a little bit more on the mini quilt, adding some hand stitching and a few finds from the beach, more on that soon.
Mainly I sat in the sunshine with cosy blanket number two...

The idea is to separate bands of colour with stripes of grey but it hasn't been as easy as I hoped.
Looking for inspiration, I decided that Lucy's pegs might be a useful way to help work it out but having no pegs to hand, I had to make do with an Easter egg box chopped up which actually did the trick nicely.

We were away for Easter Sunday and at popular request I got some eggs to do a hunt in the garden but it seemed almost a shame to eat them when they looked so pretty on the blanket.

There were some great hiding places in our tiny garden by the sea.
Rock crevices, stones, hedges and even a little shed!

One blue egg was never found so it's still there hiding somewhere
 or else it's been stolen away by a magpie!

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