Monday, 26 January 2015

WIP and woodwork

The Boy is enjoying a bit of woodwork at the moment and needed ideas for what to make, so I suggested a shelf for my cotton reels not really expecting it to materialise.
Yesterday after a while in the shed, he came in with this. It's fab and I love it!
I am already planning the next shelf request.

I haven't had a lot of sewing time this week but have added a fair few rows to the Cosy blanket.

I have managed to cut out and sew together another baby quilt top too. This one is going to be bright and based on this elephant fabric, from Fabric rehab.

The request (from the Girl!) was for some bunting for big sister too.
I can't resist a bit of bunting making as it is quick and easy and very satisfying. I really don't need any more myself so it's nice to have an excuse to make some as a present for someone else. The quilt fabrics were just perfect.

More soon.

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