Saturday, 6 December 2014

Patchwork cushion

This is a cushion I made this week as a present.
I started with a simple patchwork using 4" squares..

The piece of patchwork was then quilted onto a piece of wadding.
I used to add a third layer behind the wadding as you would for a quilt, but if it is destined to be a cushion it's not really needed.
The quilting was done on the machine using a walking foot,
 making tram lines either side of each seam.
For the reverse I used a recycled shirt which is a favourite and quick way to make a cushion back as it has a ready made opening with the buttons and button holes already there.

The whole project can easily be completed in an evening.
My other project on the go is the Scrapadelic scarf mentioned in my last post.
It is growing steadily and I should be ready to show you the rolling up bit soon.

A couple more rows and some braiding to do.
Have a good weekend!


susan said...

I LOVE your cushion. I can't believe how you used a shirt for the backing including the buttons and button holes - that's so clever. I like the colors in your scarf too I'm doing an afghan in similar colors.

Textile-tally said...

Thank you and good luck with your afghan!