Sunday, 2 November 2014

A bit of this and that..

Finally a sunny day when I am not working and a chance to take some photos!

This was a mini quilt made to sit on top of a table to protect it from mug marks and scratches.
I appliqued some felt circles which is a style used by Wendy Williams in her lovely book

The Bees are two lavender bags made from this years crop of lavender. 
One is now in my car and the other has been purloined by child two.

Then there was a tunic dress which I made using the basic pattern for Dress A
 from the Stylish Dress Book mentioned before here and here.
I made some alterations in that I took out some of the width and added a capped sleeve and pockets. 

Sorry about the poor photo but you get the impression!
The dress is made from denim and the pockets from some more of the Lazy Daisy fabric
by Brandon Mably  that is a favourite of mine.

I have really been enjoying the Frocktober Posts over at The Drapery.
I just wish I lived close enough to visit the shop.

And finally an African Flower Mandala Pot Holder.. 

This was made using a great tutorial here on a blog called Crochet with Raymond.
Unfortunately the blog is no longer in use but there are some lovely tutorials and ideas.

I like the back too and the whole thing was done in a day or two.
I can see a few of these being made for presents, I have already started a second.
And the chrysanthemums are a flowering their little hearts out and look like they are enjoying the sunshine as much as me!

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