Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Night Dress

I have had this pattern for a while
but never got round to making it mainly because I haven't found the right material.

I wanted to try it out and so decided to make a nightie from this lovely cotton that was bought for pyjamas but wasn't big enough (great planning!?)

The pattern was fairly simple and straight forward
and came together quickly (always a bonus in my book!) living up to the "easy 2 hour" quote.

My pattern on the centre front doesn't match because I didn't have enough fabric to try
 and wasn't too bothered as it's only a nightie.
(I notice that the dress on the pattern cover doesn't match at all, May and Patrick would not be impressed!!) 

And I think I will try the short sleeves next time.
That said, I think it will get worn as long as the weather warms up a bit,
but I will spare you any photos of me in it... much better on the Magnolia!!

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