Monday, 10 March 2014

Brown Paper Packages..

This lovely little package arrived in the post last week.
I have been experimenting with shirts recently
and as yet haven't got anything successful to show you.  
When I have, I will show you some of the failures too!
One of my main problems seems to be picking the wrong fabric so I sent off for these samples for some inspiration.

They come from the Organic Textile Company
 (and no, I'm not sponsored in any way, this is just my own opinion)
 and I ordered 3 sample packs:
1.Fair trade and organic coloured, patterned and plain
2. Speakeasy 
3. Artists Valley.
Here are some of my favourites..

Ann's Flowers - black on green

Blue Gingham small check (stones to stop them blowing away!)

Rosefinch and Heather- bamboo and cotton mix

Gabrielle's collection - Bikes on white, natural..

and red cotton (maybe not for a shirt but so cute!).

The scrappy triangles are still expanding..

 And on the flower front, this blue beauty is giving off the most amazing scent..

And finally, I have been attempting gluten free blueberry muffins (below right).. 

and they were actually edible.
Not quite as tasty as the ones with gluten but not bad.
Evidenced by the fact that they are all gone!

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