Saturday, 9 November 2013

A bathroom window

Bathroom Curtain
We have a small raised window in the shower room which has needed to be covered recently and which I covered with an old curtain that looked like it had seen better days.
I have been meaning to make something more colourful but just hadn't got round to it...
until this week.
I got a quarter of a new Kaffe Fassett fabric called Uzbekstan Blue which I really wanted to play with and this was the result.

It's hard to get across in a photo and I am certainly no photographer.
I usually turn the flash off on my camera because I like the colours better that way but if I turn it on for this one you can see the fabric better..
Curtain with flash
I still prefer it like this though!
Curtain with sunlight
I used my usual recycled shirts for the backing and some ribbon held on with small buttons
 for the tab tops.
The shirts were checked and I like the effect of this on the plain fabric when the sun shines through.

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