Saturday, 8 September 2012

Cows in the mist!

Cows in the mist
It was a beautiful misty morning yesterday, children all back to school, and my final day of holiday.
I went for an early morning walk with the dog and took my camera.
Spiders web 2
The spider webs were amazing because of the mist.
So much for a pumpkin!
Our vegetable patch has been disappointing this year to say the least.
This just about sums it up, so much for a pumpkin pie!
Climbing french beans- probably the most sucessful this year but that's not saying much
I think the french climbing beans did best.
Hoverfly on the rudbeckia
The flowers had a better year.
This is a hoverfly on the rudbeckia that have just started to come out.
Rose- second flush of flowers
And my favourite rose is having a second flush of flowers.
Just in case you thought I had not been doing any sewing...
Linen skirt all cut out
This is a linen skirt, cut out and ready to sew together.
A make shift design wall!
And these are my random liberated blocks, from the 'Ten Little Things' charm pack and a recycled white sheet.
I have learnt how to do a windmill!
Have a good weekend.

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