Saturday, 18 August 2012

Back again

Back from a lovely couple of weeks in France.

There was a bit of this..
Strawberry Tart

And some of this..
Boule and quoits

And lots of these..
A field of sunflowers

And these..
Hanging baskets in Baynac

I just love it.
Cycling by the river

And to make it even better we had family house sitting and they did lots of weeding, how great is that!
Thank you.

I did a bit of hand sewing to make a piece for a cushion cover but it hasn't got any further yet.

Patchwork heading for a cushion

And I just happened across these beauties in Soft Touch in Tavistock yesterday and couldn't resist them.

A pack of 'Ten Little Things' by moda
'Ten Little Things' by moda.
 Not sure what they will be yet but I'm thinking probably a quilt!

And am really inspired by this for my stash of wool blankets.

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