Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mabel's tea party

I have been busy for the last 24 hours making a present for my niece whose birthday I forgot!
How bad is that?!

Anyway, after a trip to the local supermarket, I found just what I needed by way of a pink spotty case holding a tea set.

Case for the tea set

First of all I made Mabel.
She is another toy from one of my favourite books, Softies, and here she is..


Any tea party needs a cosy to keep the brew warm..

Tea cosy

This was made from a piece of recycled linen shirt and a liberty scrap for the cup and is about 3.5" tall.

Oh, and Mabel nearly forgot, hang on a minute..

Mabel forgot something!

Napkins to protect their dresses (or trousers!)..


Finally I made a tablecloth from a piece of sheet, edged with bias cut recycled shirt, and appliqued with some precious 1" liberty hexagons.
And there you have it.
A new friend called Mabel and a tea set ready to party.

Mabel's tea party

All packed up in a pink spotty case.

Case fully packed

And to top it off I came home with a fresh, warm pot of lemon curd.

Fresh lemon curd.


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