Monday, 6 June 2011

Two of a kind.

Cushion number 2

I have been working on this cushion this weekend and finished it off today. It's made the same way as all the others and the fun is really in the front panel. I start by creating a patchwork background, in this case in the green. Then I cut a few circles and muck around with them until I am am happy and pin them roughly in place.

Then I applique the circles by hand turning under the edges as I go. I cut a piece of wadding and a piece of backing fabric (in this case a recycled pillow case) and layer them together before doing some hand quilting here and there to hold it all together and start to develop the 'picture'.

cushion detail

Then I add in some free machine quilting to jazz it up a bit.

I cut two rectangles for the back of the cushion and layer it all up before sewing around the edge. I like the way the reverse of the front panel looks at this point!!


Zig zag around the edge to stop it fraying and turn it the right way out and press.
And voila! Two of a kind.
Two of a kind

And just in case you thought I had completely forgotten the quilt, it's still coming on but rather slowly!!
My weekend wasn't half as exciting as my friend's mad ferret experience, if you need a laugh read on here!

it's still coming on

(I really love the sisyrinchium. It's just come out.)

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Anonymous said...

Those cushions are gorgeous! Love the colours and designs!